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What is a hackerspace?

  • A laboratory
  • A club
  • A meeting place
  • A lecture place
  • A common interest group
    • Sharing of information
    • Sharing of knowledge
    • Sharing of hardware
    • Sharing of expertise

A hackerspace is foremost a community focused on equally minded people. Definition on wikipedia

Hackerspace in Brno

Scope of our hackerspace

  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Security
  • Penetration testing
  • Open source software development


The new code name for our hackerspace is base48. Technically we are 'base48, z.s.' - a form of NGO (Občanské sdružení in czech) non-profit organization, where each member has the right to vote at meetings and fully participate in the hackerspace organization.

We were also known as (obsolete):

  • HSBR - Hacker Space BRno
  • Underground hackerspace
  • Underground lab
  • Underground, o.s.

Why the number 48/0x30/0b00110000?

Because the previous space that we used was at Čápkova 48. And because with other numbers like base64 we would have problems being found by people searching for us on google :)