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Item State Ownership
stand drill In place with an auger set for metals. Return augers back to their place. There is a box for blunt ones.
PCB drill Cheap one in place.
bench vice Big one and three smaller in place.
Bulb lights One or two. More wanted! Necessary for precise work and rotary machines.
files A few in place. donated
needle files sufficient amount :)
hacksaw (metal) In place. Spare parts would be great.
welding mask In place + cca 3 glasses martian742
screwdrivers Bunch + 1.
screw/tap Available, unconsistent set.


Item State Ownership
multimeters Low quality in place, only one Capacitance/Inductance meter
scope hexo
laboratory powersource one or two Hyna
stereo In place. rmarko
BusPirate One in place.
Open Logical sniffer One in place.
USBASP AVRprog One in place. Anoq
MSP-FET430UIF One in place.
AVR Dragon One in place. Xprite


For the list of books available in the space, see Library.