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The rest of this page is now kind-of obsolete and needs work. Machine was recently rebuilt with 1.5kW spindle and LinuxCNC control.

Shaepoko rebuild0.jpg

Oversized Shapeoko 2

Scaled to 1x1m workspace.

Cnc IMG 2359 v1 1024.png

Currently required

  • Vacuum
  • More tools
  • Y-axis cable chain
  • Electronics Case

New Spindle


Part Required Where to get it Price Bought/Donated
Microcon SX24-3341 Nema23 steppers for Y axis (6.6A) 2 microcon 1439
Microcon SX23-2727 Nema23 stepper for X and Z axes 2 microcon
Driver M542 Bi-polar 2phase 4.2A for X/Y 4 4 * 1670

Add to BOM:


How to:


 git clone
 git clone

Add Shapeoko 2 support

 git clone heekscnc_base
 cd heekscnc_base
 git checkout smoothie
 cp smoothie/machines.xml /usr/share/heekscnc/machines.xml
 cp smoothie/*py /usr/lib/heekscnc/nc/
  • in heekscad switch Program 1/machine (LinuxCNC -> Smoothie)

Use Shapeoko 2

 git clone
 git clone
  • plug usb in, turn on sec. switch
 ./Printrun/ --conf cnc/shapeoko/pronsolerc_shapeoko -e connect

Basic Commands

 m114                  ;print position
 psu_on                ;power source on 
 motors_on             ;motors on
 g0 x1 y1 z1 f1000     ;go to 1 1 1 speed 1000
 g92 x0 y0 z0          ;set act. pos. to 0 0 0
 load file.ngc         ;load gcode 
                       ;switch on spindle ESC
 m3 s10                ;spindle on
 m3 s128               ;spindle on
 print                 ;print gcode
 m220 s120             ;switch speed to 120%
 m5                    ;spindle off
                       ;switch off spindle ESC