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Are you interested in using it? Contribute your requirements:

  • What do you consider ideal/maximum weight?
  • What would be the maximum size?
  • How do you want to mount it on your bike?
  • Are you only interested in a speaker that can be mounted on your carrier above the rear wheel, or would a cart be possible too?

You can add your thoughts below

or anywhere else

Expected issues, or why these requirements are important

  • We would ideally need a speaker with high sensitivity = able to play loud with little power
  • High sensitivity speakers generally use:
    • Compression drivers that need waveguides
    • Horns
    • PA drivers that need to be big to play any bass or smaller hifi high-sensitivity drivers that are expensive
  • All this is big and/or heavy
  • Quite small speakers are possible, but either won't play loud enough, or will be heavy (strong motors and large battery), and will consume more power


  • A small Synergy horn with a small fullrange driver for mids and treble and two woofers for bass.
    • Although it wouldn't be anywhere near as big as soundsystem Synergy horns, the size would probably still be pushing it for a bike
    • It might be heavy due to using two woofers (two are neccessary) and more wood since it's not just a box
    • It should be loud enough if designed well (being horn-loaded makes the fullrange driver very sensitive) and sound really good
    • I will be trying to design such speaker anyway for home use because I'm fascinated by Synergy horns
  • A simpler option: compression tweeter in a waveguide + a woofer.
    • probably about 24 cm wide and 40 cm tall with some depth too - this design doesn't work too well with smaller waveguides + woofers
    • There are some kits available - although not cheap, this one has very good sensitivity and will sound amazing (in fact, probably a level better than neccessary, which might not be a good thing):
    • Easier to build, a bit lighter, theoretically easier to design, but I've never done it, so in reality probably not
  • Another simple option: a coaxial speaker, compression tweeter inside a larger woofer
  • Simplest option - a box with two fullrange drivers, ideally 4 inch for the powerhandling and bass
    • Very simple to build
    • Good fullrange drivers aren't cheap (I'd say at least 35 USD a piece), but can sound very good, especially with equalization
    • Smallest
    • Lowest sensitivity
    • We could try to supplement them with a tiny transmission-line subwoofer, possibly 3D printed, not sure if it would work, otherwise it would probably have the least bass

Other hardware needed