Precision Differential GPS

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Goal of a project


wikipedia: Differential GPS

sw for experimentation

Receive GPS signals using SDR and do custom calculations:

hw for experimentation

limeSDR mini 1 RX input 1 TX output SDR (nio has 1): LimeSDR Mini from

Cheap ceramic active antenna (nio has 1): ebay 28dB LNA Gain 1575 42MHz Male SMA Male GPS Active Antenna Stronger Singal NEW

Cheap bias tee to insert power to active antenna coax feed (nio has 1): 6GHz 10MHz-6000MHz Wideband Amplifier Broadband RF Feeder RF Isolator Bias Tee

Filter out noise using bandpass filter to allow SDR to receive GPS signal: Tindie - 1575 MHz GPS L1 Bandpass Filter Band Pass, by GPIO Labs

Other RF pages to read


ideas to evaluate

  • calculate corrections for individual sattelite pseudoranges

URL's to explore

simple gps receiver calculation