Batteryless Vape

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A fine piece of technology designed to end the eternal struggle with recharging your vape batteries.

The basic concept is simple: there is a power supply (currently ATX) that is connected to the wall on one end and feeds power (atm 5v) to your coils. In the middle of this, there is a simple switch and MOSFET to provide basic switching capability.

Future plans:

  • STM32-based control circuitry with a display and intuitive wattage settings. Likely PWM
  • Better power supply. Either a higher quality ATX or a completely different one. Possibly a transformer.
  • Ability to connect more "vape modules" to one base station/PSU
  • IDK...

Some photos etc coming soon.

Tech used:

  • 510 thread from an old vape
  • antivandal button
  • some nice braiding for cables
  • 3D printed enclosure for the "vape unit" (might make one out of wood)
  • 400 watt ATX power supply with a dummy load for better stability (not helping at all tho)

Advanced Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System - A.P.E.N.I.S.:

A PENIS is the "brains" of the whole thing. At the moment, it only exists on paper, but soon enough, it will be driving the most hassle-free vaporizer system in the world!

Consisting of an STM-32 ARM based microprocessor, state-of-the-art color OLED display and genuine Cherry MX Switches, A PENIS will indeed be the most advanced and hassle-free system ever made!